Tower Project

This fall, we’ll be collecting a special offering to complete urgent work on the clock tower, which needs special attention to address hazardous levels of water infiltration. We are looking to raise $350,000 in the month of September, fulfilled through pledges over the next 6-12 months. While we will encourage members to pledge as soon as they are able, we are planning to have a special “Pledge Sunday” on September 24th which will serve as a deadline for the pledges.

The needed work is significant, but not on a scale we haven’t seen before—we anticipate a budget of around $1.25 million, which will be funded through a combination of your gifts, grants, and a mortgage loan. With thanks to Deacon Taryn’s prayerful applications, we’re grateful for the provision of $260,000 in matching grants from Cambridge and the state (included in that is the City’s largest ever CPA grant of $210,000!). In order to make this project happen, we believe we will need to raise an additional $350,000 from the congregation, above and beyond regular tithing.

This decision holds great significance and represents a step of faith for our congregation. While we have undertaken the task of renovating and settling into 5 Magazine Street, we are also embracing the reality and duty of owning such a prominent building in the heart of Central Square.

Pastor Larry shared these words with the membership, "In recent weeks, my faith has been fortified, reminding me that God's unwavering dedication to this congregation has been evident throughout the years, bearing fruit, witnessing healing, and welcoming new members month after month. The path ahead will require us to once again place our trust in the Lord, lean on God's guidance, nurture a spirit of joyful giving, and cultivate the growth of our faith. May we experience the sustained love and abiding presence of God as we step forward together into this next chapter in the life of our church."

We ask that you would prayerfully consider how you can give to this project. Below are links to the online pledge card, our giving page, and additional FAQs provided by the Church Mission Council.