NOTE: RSVP to help with headcount for food – you can email families [at]

Couples Connect: Married Couples Large Group Session 4 is on Saturday, August 27 at 4 pm at a members’ house in Waltham, MA. Join us for the study and then stick around for a casual cookout. Kids are welcome but there is no official childcare.

The Families Ministry is hosting a series of 5 sessions for married couples to connect, be encouraged, and put faith into practice. We’ll be going through a study called One Thing(s) for Married People which shares some ideas over the question, “If you could only tell married couples one thing, what would it be?” We’ve designed this to be short term and flexible with varying meeting times, paced over the next few months because we know many married couples (and parents) are busy. Drop in for as many as you can!
Email families [at] to get meeting info.
  • Session 1, Sunday May 29: Be Kind To Each Other (location: Westborough)
  • Session 2, Monday June 13 at 8:15 pm: Maintain Your Connection (location: Zoom)
  • Session 3, Saturday July 16 at 4 pm: Depend on God (location: Acton, MA)
  • Session 4, Saturday August 27 at 4 pm: The Values of Money (location: Waltham, MA)
  • Session 5 TBD