Did you know that there are many incarcerated men and women in Massachusetts who have been given life sentences, some without the possibility of parole, for crimes they did not commit using the Joint Venture theory to unjustly convict them? We Are Joint Venture will be hosting an educational event at Central Square Church on Saturday, April 6 from 1-3pm to help raise awareness and educate the community about this little understood theory and find ways to remedy this injustice. There will be a panel of speakers, all whose lives have been impacted by Joint Venture, explaining what Joint Venture is and how it personally affected them.


There is a solution for this, the MA State Legislature must pass a bill to change the law around the use of joint venture theory. We hope to bring this issue to light as it impacts all communities, particularly communities of color.


We Are Joint Venture is an organization started by men incarcerated in MCI Norfolk prison. All of the men were secondary defendants who were charged and sentenced for a murder they did not commit. All of these men believe they should be held accountable and responsible for whatever actions they participated in but should not be living out life sentences for crimes they did not commit when often times the actual person who committed the crime is freed.


Please join their allies on the outside to learn more about this issue and how you can help bring these men and women home.