Find up-to-date information about events happening during this season of Lent at


UMC Meeting TODAY at 12:45 PM in the elementary classroom. Our Urban Missions Committee seeks to serve the community and city around us. Use stairs on the Magazine Street side to get to the upper level.


Worship Night on Friday, March 24 at 7 pm: Join us for a worship night —all are welcome! This will be in lieu of the prayer meeting that Friday. Hosted by the Young Adults Ministry. Use the River Street entrance (ring doorbell if necessary).


WMC Meeting next Sunday, March 26 at 12:45 PM in the lounge. Learn more about World Missions!


Prayer Times During Lent: We are offering spaces for prayer throughout the week in person and online during this season of Lent.

  • After service prayer: Our Prayer Team is available to pray with and for you after Sunday Service.
  • In person: Fridays at 7 pm. Use Magazine St. entrance (ring doorbell).
  • Virtual: Mondays at 9 pm and Wednesdays at 12 pm. Find Zoom links and submit prayer requests at


Meet The Church: 12-12:30 pm in the Lounge. You can drop in on these casual sessions and meet a cross-section of our church. These have been fun times for staff and leaders around the church to connect with you. Newcomers are especially welcome!



 Fridays Weekly Prayer Meeting, 7 pm (use Magazine St. entrance)
3/24Worship Night, 7 pm
3/26World Missions Committee Meeting
4/2Young Adults Monthly Gathering
4/7Good Friday Service
4/9Easter Sunday Service
4/23Baptism Service